Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Kourosh Hotel Include a single room, double room , triple room and suite with full service, refrigerator with mini bar, TV, heating Cooling System (Aspylt) and others.
This hotel with its unique features traditional architecture in beautiful and fun atmosphere and amenities such as restaurants, coffee shop,Medium conference hall , taxi service,wireless, traditional tearoom with traditional Iranian drinks, (ATM), rotating tours etc. ready to offer guests the service is celebrated.
Contact Kourosh Hotel Address:The prison of Alexandria alley , Imam St.yazd Phone:098351-6203560 and 098351-6203570

Kourosh Hotel  
Also the hotel coffee shop to the right ideal to spend a beautiful afternoon in the pond and fountain of delightful spot with beautiful lighting and eye-catching and pleasant music for Melody and tea and coffee beverages prepared for the services of your guests.

Home Kourosh Hotel Yazd

Mosque Amir Chakhmaq

Amir flint set the most significant collections of historic city of Yazd is considered almost in the middle of the old city and the texture of Yazd and
important strategic points is considered.
This sets the point value streets in the city include the mosque, leaning, F. Monument suttee, Qanbar Bazaar Haji, F. suttee water storage, water storage, and Palm is relying Amir flint. This collection of works of the ninth century AH the flint of his commanders and Amir Jalaleddin Amray Timurid Shahrukh Hkvmyt Yazd when his wife was suttee with Fatima Khatun for prosperity, founded the city. Founders of the mosque in the north, the field was created and now remains is the center of Yazd.

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Kourosh Hotel Management

traditional kourosh hotel with 400 years old and very traditional architecture and equipment and yet with all the amenities and modern, in place of the historic homes in Mrkzbaft Najafi Yazdi traditional city and the adjacent mosque in prison and Alexander is lying, including a board room Two boards and three boards and suites with full service, refrigerator with mini bar, TV, heating cooling system (Aspylt) and others.

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Kourosh Hotel History

Kourosh Hotel

Yazd-old rooted and several thousand years, like the precious pearl of the central Iranian desert darkness shines, and the holy city and the  good creators , as always owned one of the brightest cultural heritage and raised in Iran, Yazd is First brike city in of the world.

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